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BRAWN Mixer in Beverage Processing Applications BRAWN Mixer in Beverage Processing Applications

Mixing Knowledge Base

This collection of industrial fluid mixing reference materials is provided to assist those involved with liquid mixing operations the information necessary to make informed contributions to the design, specification, installation, and operation of fluid mixing, blending, agitation, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization processes.

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An Operator’s View: Motion Doesn’t Mean Mixing

Fluid Mixing Operators View
See how a top-down view of the mixing process may be deceiving. This brief video shows how an improperly positioned mixer may cause the surface of the liquid to be in motion, even turbulent, but does not affect a proper mixture. Also shown is a fluid mixer placed in proper position and the resulting uniformity of suspension, and proper mixture.

Tank Baffles: Applications & Advantages

Fluid Mixing Baffles
An introduction to the function of tank baffles in fluid mixing operations. See how, with a typical center-mount mixer position, in a tank without baffles, a vortex prevents effective mixing. Also shown is the effect of adding baffles to the tank and the resulting proper mixing action.

Improper Mixer Position: Reducing Mixer Life & Performance

View the negative effects of a mixer run at the wrong position and with too much power. A small vortex merely gets larger, mixer shaft and bearing wear accelerates, and power consumption increases; all with no improvement in the mix quality. It’s what not to do.