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Intermediate Bulk Containers, aka totes or IBC's are a major means of transporting liquid chemicals, paint and additives across the country and around the world. Plus this method of transport and storage is growing. Milllions of new tanks are shipped each year.
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Brawn Mixer - Vendor of the Year 2015

"Once again congratulations on being our vendor of the year! We really do appreciate all your efforts you have provided me and our company to learn mixing from the best and sell a few mixers along the way," Daniel R. Orr, Vice President, Cummins-Wagner-FL, LLC

"Thanks for the award and the chance to train with your group," Jerry Fleishman, President, Brawn Mixer.


Brawn's Youngest Engineer

October 17, 2014, Holland, Michigan - Holmes Elementary School in Spring Lake, Michigan asked their second graders to write a Career Day report. Garret Nordman chose to write about becoming an engineer and as part of his learning experience he was able to see what it was like to be an engineer at Brawn Mixer. Matt Kammeraad, Ike Kuiper and Dan Keller gave Garrett a tour of the facility and explained what some of their day to day responsibilities are as an engineer. "I really liked learning about how to become an engineer and I wear my hat and safety goggles all the time," said Garrett.
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Brawn is Excited to Announce the Availability of Electric XP Stainless Mixer Motors.

August 29, 2014 - The explosion proof series of stainless severe washdown duty XP motors are approved for use in Class 1 Division 1 Groups C&D, and Class II Division 1 Groups F&G with a Temperature Code of T3B. They are NEMA design B, include class F insulation, and have 40° ambient temperature rating with class B rise.
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New Mixers Save Time and Money in Production

May, 2014 - The power or energy applied to a mixing process is always an essential component to successful results. This may seem like a very obvious concept, but after 32 years in the business of providing mixing solutions, I am certain that very few mixer users understand how the horsepower of a mixer motor actually effects and is applied to their process.
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Brawn Custom Mixer Supports/Lift Stands

Brawn designs and manufactures both stationary and mobile support structures for our mixers and even for competitors mixing products.  When our customers purchase mixer supports from Brawn, they know that the structure will have the right mechanical integrity and mixer positioning for their application.
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BRAWN Mixer introduces new BLP shaft seal

October 15, 2014, Holland, Michigan – Brawn Mixer has developed a newdry running’ shaft seal, the BLP, for its complete line of top entry mixers. 
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Check out a recent BLP retrofit

Fluid Mixing: Is it art or science?

The answer is simple.  Fluid mixing is science, pure and simple, end of story. 

One problem is that so many people, doing so many different processes approach the solution to their mixing process without a clue where to begin and hence end up doing a lot of trial and error, with little or no expert direction. 
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Shear in Mixing

Shear is a widely misunderstood and often a misrepresented principle component of fluid mixing. Many of the misconceptions are routinely passed along from generation to generation of users. Shear rate is defined as velocity gradient. Particles in fluids or just fluids put under stress as a result of differing velocities. 
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