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BRAWN manufactures a full line of mixers to meet all your mixing needs, inlcuding the all Stainless BRAWN Mixer, and custom orders. Call us to customize your solution today!

Industrial Mixer Performance

You know the fluid mixing application; you know the end-product requirements. Brawn Mixer has the process engineering expertise, the mixer engineering expertise, and the U. S.-based manufacturing and sales support resources to ensure optimal performance of your process at start-up, and through to finished product.

From multi-unit, multi-facility industrial mixer applications, to pilot-scale mixing systems; for mixing applications from bio-pharma clean-rooms to mining, Brawn Mixer will bring confidence, and remove risks from your industrial mixing operations.

Built Tough in America

Does it matter any more? It does when you want fully integrated mixer manufacturing versus imported parts assemblers. It does when you want metallurgically sound castings and precision-machined mixer components. It does when you want accountability. It does when you want lifetime mixer performance over one-time purchase price. It still matters, and it still shows in every Brawn Mixer.

Brawn Innovations & News

Principles of Fluid Mixing

Principles of Fluid MixingThis free download is a 20-page, digital reference guide that is as helpful for the experienced industrial fluid mixing process engineer as it is for those who are only periodically involved in the evaluation and specification of fluid mixing systems.

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The Fluid Mixing Report

The Brawn Mixer Fluid Mixing ReportThis is a central location for timely and relevant insights into the art and science of fluid mixing. Enough technical depth to challenge the industrial blender expert, and updates on industry happenings without the trade magazine gossip column filler.

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