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Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

Brawn Mixer brings decades of experience in both application expertise and compliance management, whether for new product development, reformulations, or specialty products. Processes in the Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics industries are often uniquely demanding due to multi-phase mixing requirements, and Brawn Mixer has the product flexibility to meet these demands. By leveraging multiple teams across the organization, including a dedicated application engineering group and an in-house controls department, Brawn Mixer is able to address the entire specification with a mixing solution that not only performs, but contributes to compliance, overall effectiveness, and reporting goals.


  • Liquid-liquid blending
  • Solid suspension
  • Dissolution
  • Gas dispersion
  • Emulsions
  • Multi-phase
  • Heat transfer
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • High viscosity

Design Capabilities

  • FDA documentation
  • Open/closed tank
  • High temperature
  • High pressure
  • Special alloy wetted parts
  • Hazardous environment
  • Sanitary/CIP construction
  • Low- and high-shear

Mixer Solutions

B Series Portable Mixers: ⅓ - 5 HP heavy duty mixers

M Series Portable Mixers: ⅓ - ¾ HP medium duty mixers

BTO/BTR Series Industrial Mixers: High capacity industrial mixers

Side Entry Mixers: Gear- or belt-driven configurations available

Brawn Mixer Process Advantages

Application Engineering Expertise

The Brawn Mixer application engineering group is tightly integrated at each step in the sales and order process, from initial specification review to design and testing. Brawn Mixer application engineers recommend solutions based on customer requirements, specifications, and objectives, while keeping in mind other considerations like budgetary requirements. Additionally, the applications group has the capability to perform bench and pilot scale mixing tests in order to scale-up to production levels.

Bench, Pilot, and Full-Scale Testing

Recognizing that many cosmetic applications rely on the effectiveness and precision of the mixing process as much as they rely on component ingredients, the Brawn Mixer application engineering team has developed comprehensive testing protocols. Tools like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software help the Brawn Mixer engineering team to develop solutions for even the most challenging applications, while dedicated in-house testing facilities enable the Brawn Mixer R&D team to refine models developed during the design phase. Bench, pilot, and full-scale implementation studies also often play a crucial role for customers, especially for validation and economic viability prediction.

Modular Platform

The Brawn Mixer modular platform is a flexible process package for many applications in the Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics industries, enabling Brawn Mixer engineering to deliver both standard and engineered-to-application mixing solutions with competitive pricing and delivery.

This method also allows organizations to easily service and repair mixers, maximizing uptime and reducing the number of required in-stock spare parts.